Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Move over Martha, I am a bonified DIY-er."

If  you want something done, you just gotta do it yourself.

Since Tyler's been off playing Marine on the beach in California, I've been doing lots of projects around the house to keep myself busy so I don't miss him too much. One thing that I've learned since being married to a Marine (who seems to always be away when something breaks or needs to be fixed or moved or sanded or painted) it's that you just gotta DO IT YOURSELF if you want it to get done. I have no problem getting my hands not just dirty, but filthy. Yes, that's probably paint in my hair that you see, and other random places on my body where I accidentally bumped into a wet wall or cabinet. And I admit I have a weird brown colored glue all under my finger nails at the moment. I know how to use a weed eater. I recently figured out how to diagnose a broken lawn mower. Well okay, I had my dad on the phone for that one and ended up throwing something across the yard in anger and going to buy a new one. But what's really funny is amongst all that mess, I'm still wearing my favorite pearl earrings. :)

So, here's the project I just finished. This is our upstairs bathroom (Before/After) in our townhouse. It had two colors of blue on the wall from where my dad mixed paint together trying to fix some blemishes on the wall. It's ghetto, I know.
The mirror is flat and boring and the cabinets are just gross. So I put a fresh coat of paint on the walls and cabinets and put two little pieces of hardware in the front and VOILA! Looks way better than it did!

Now this is my favorite part. I took unfinished molding and measured around the edges of the mirror so they could be cut to fit. Then I just glued the pieces on with mirror glue and painted them. It looks like I went out and just bought a whole new mirror and I love how it turned out. In total this all cost less than $20. The crappy part is that I decided to finally do it 3 years after we bought the townhouse. Now we're selling in the next couple months so I only get to enjoy it for a short while. Boo.

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